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With coronavirus numbers surging, at least 16 states have pumped the brakes on reopening plans hoping to stop the next wave of infections. On top of that, experts now believe the number of cases in the U.S. alone could be as high as 20 million because of limited testing and missed mild cases. All of which makes the return-to-work podcast linked to this blog that much more relevant.

So, if you’re ready to gear up for a roll back in the COVID-19 lockdown, the pragmatic commentary in this must-hear podcast offers a playbook for leveraging low-code automation to accelerate workforce re-entry amid the coronavirus pandemic. This recap is based on a recent episode of KPMG US’s “What now, What Next” podcast series. The conversation features Appian Founder and CEO Matt Calkins and Marcus Murph, a Principal in KPMG US’ Digital Enablement Practice.

Listen in on COVID-19 and the Low-Code Automation Moment as Calkins and Murph dish on leveraging low-code capabilities to:

  • Safeguard employee privacy and security in a volatile environment.
  • Overcome the operational challenges of legacy applications.
  • Solve the three most common stumbling blocks to workforce re-entry.
  • Do a better job of managing return-to-work amid the complexities of the pandemic.
  • Prepare for the next outbreak which could be much worse.

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Gearing Up with Low-Code Automation to Bounce Back from the COVID Lockdown (Featured Article)