CIPS’ vision is focused on professionalism and is described in the document CIPS in the 21st Century: A Vision for the Future of CIPS. This document describes how CIPS may look in the future and identifies a number of steps needed to reach that future state. A significant step is changing how the organization is governed.

In 2004, a committee was charged with developing a new model for governing the CIPS organization. In the fall of 2006 the document, A New CIPS Governance Model, was presented to and approved by the CIPS National Board of Directors and the Provincial Bodies.

Subsequent to approval of the model, the Governance Committee worked on plans for a smooth transition. An integral part of these plans was the revision of the CIPS By-Laws. The National Constitution Committee, working with the Executive and the Governance Committees, revised the by-laws to accommodate the new governance model. These by-law changes were approved by the National Board on March 29, 2008, and subsequently approved by the membership at the National Annual General Meeting on May 7, 2008.

With the approval of the bylaw changes, the new Canadian Council of Information Technology Professionals (CCITP) came into being, replacing the old CIPS National Board. CIPS has been operating under the new governance structure since the May 2008 AGM, although there are still some changes required to complete the process.

In January 2009, the Federal Government tabled Bill C-4: Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act (LS-624E), which requires all affected organizations, including CIPS, to change their Constitution and By-Laws to comply with the Act.  CCITP instructed the National Constitution Committee to prepare the necessary revisions in conjunction with the changes to achieve the New Governance Model.  The key change to the Governance Model is that the CIPS Provincial Societies become the only voting members of CIPS National.

Constitution and Bylaws – Sept 15, 2011

CIPS Constitutional Change Town Hall Presentation  – Sept 3, 2011