Bashir Fancy, I.S.P., (ret.) resigned as the Chair of the CIPS National Board of Directors and as CIPS National CEO on November 6, 2017 after having completed two one-year terms as the National Board Chair.

As per the by-laws of CIPS National, the members of the CIPS National Board elected Derek Burt, I.S.P., ITCP by acclamation at their November 16, 2017 meeting.

Derek Burt, I.S.P, ITCP

Derek has been a CIPS member for over a decade and was a long-time volunteer with CIPS in Saskatchewan (including serving as the President of CIPS Regina and a member of the CIPS Saskatchewan Governance Transition Taskforce) before relocating to Alberta in 2013. Derek is currently serving as the President of CIPS Alberta and Chair of the CIPS Alberta Registration Committee. In 2010, Derek was awarded the Marilyn Harris Award for IT Professionalism. Derek graduated from a CIPS-accredited computer science program at the University of Regina and has served on numerous private and public boards.

Derek is currently an Enterprise Architect and member the IT Architecture team at WestJet Airlines, Ltd. He is an IT Architect by trade, whose primary expertise lies in Enterprise Architecture as well as Business, Solution, and Application Architecture, particularly producing IT architectures for open platforms. He has experience leading projects, teams, and organizations, has worked with a wide variety of clients from across North America, and has been a frequent public speaker.

CIPS National Board Elects A New Chair

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