CIPS is celebrating our 60th anniversary this year! In September of 1958 a conference was held at the University of Toronto to talk about common concerns of data processing workers. That conference demonstrated the value of sharing ideas, networking with fellow professionals and learning about coming changes in technology, and the practices and management of information systems. This event sparked the formation of the Computing and Data Processing Society. In 1968 the Society changed its name to the current “Canadian Information Processing Society”.

As part of the 60th anniversary celebrations CIPS held a competition for its members to help design a special 60th anniversary version of the CIPS logo which will be used by CIPS throughout 2018.

We are pleased to reveal the winning logo above, which will be used throughout the year, that was designed by CIPS member Luqman Gassama.

A big thank you to all CIPS members that participated and submitted logo designs for CIPS’ 60th anniversary. Below are some of the other submissions from the CIPS community:

Thank you all for your participation!

CIPS 60th Anniversary Logo Revealed!

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