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University Bachelor Business Technology Management

Questionnaire pour les programmes en gestion des technologies d’affaires sont pas encore disponibles en français.

University Computer Science, Software Engineering or Interdisciplinary



Template for hosting Accreditation Materials

To assist schools in the preparation of the accreditation materials we have developed a website template. This website template can be used to present your application for CIPS Accreditation in a compact form, eliminating or reducing the need for paper documents. Many of the documents required for an accreditation application are likely to be available on-line at your school, in which case you can simply include appropriate URLs. Documents not available on-line can be scanned and converted to PDFs if they are small enough to make that feasible. Large documents not available on-line will have to be sent to CIPS in paper form. We encourage schools to either host the accreditation materials on a password protected intranet site or to make them available on CD ROM. If you are unable to use this template, please contact the CIPS Secretariat at

Web Template for Computer Science, Software Engineering and Interdisciplinary Accreditation Materials[ZIP]

Web Template for Business Technology Managment Accreditation or Recognition Materials[ZIP]

Web Template for College or Technical Institute Computer Systems Technology or Bachelor of Technology Materials[ZIP]