Because professional regulations are a provincial matter, the Provincial Bodies within CIPS are responsible for the pursuit of the legislation and regulation of the I.S.P. Once regulation has occurred through legislation, the Provincial Bodies are also responsible for the administration of the I.S.P. within that province.

The purpose of the CIPS Provincial Bodies is to:

  • Administer the legislation or regulation that enables the self-regulating professional body;
  • Evaluate and certify qualified I.S.P. applicants, which is delegated to the Certification Council;
  • Hear formal complaints against, and discipline Members, as the need arise;
  • Administer the I.S.P. of Canada designation within the provinces:
  • Promote the I.S.P. and professional practice within the provincial IT industry;
  • Develop and maintain national certification standards through Membership in the Certification Council.

CIPS Provincial Websites:

* Provinces in which there is legislation establishing the I.S.P. as a self regulating designation.