Recording of the CIPS Dec 6th Live Webinar: “Cyber Attacks are on the rise and are evolving – How should we deal with this problem”

Cyber attacks with growing scope and impact continue to grab front page headlines. No sector is immune: bad actors see relatively soft targets, with vast stores of personal data and care of critical infrastructure and services. 

In the face of evolving threats, decision-makers and Boards are increasingly looking and if not should be looking to anchor their information risk management strategy in the protection of critical assets. But, challenged with ongoing service delivery and budgetary pressures, many organizations have struggled to embrace a new “inside-out” model. And, defining and sustaining accountability remains a challenge. To help respond effectively to these evolving threats, this round table event will bring together business and technology executives, industry experts and cyber-risk thought leaders for a collaborative information sharing session. We will focus on common challenges and successes, including practical and proactive ways to improve cyber readiness at a high level. Questions and topics to be discussed: 

A new model for cyber risk management; the role of leadership, Directors & the C-Suite

Effectively engaging the board and management team on technology risk. Demystifying technology and translating technical risks into business terms 

Trends; cyber legal risks facing board members and senior management. Practical approaches, quick wins & moving from reactive to proactive risk management” 

Speaker: “Jason Doel is co founder, Tracker Networks Inc. where he manages the company’s go-to-market strategy, sales and marketing, operations and solution delivery. 

Jason works with dozens of leading organizations in Canada, the US and Europe, advising business and technology executives on practical and sustainable ways to identify, track and reduce cyber risk. Jason has an MBA from the Schulich School of Business and an Honours Bachelor of Science from the University of Western Ontario.” 

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By: Bashir Fancy, I.S.P. (ret.), CEO & Chair, CIPS National

CIPS Speaks to Federal Privacy Commissioner:

Based on the submission of our whitepaper in July 2016 see, CIPS was invited to a meeting with the Federal Privacy Commissioner, as well as his Provincial counterparts to discuss the themes that they picked out of the various submissions.  Discussions centered around two major issues. Firstly:

a.     “Implied Consent” – Legal Counsels/Compliance Officers from General Motors, Xerox and a couple of other Corporations argued that if an individual has consented  to something with that Organization, it was a perpetual one and those Corporations could use it for anything and everything.  On behalf of CIPS, I presented a counterargument citing real examples.  The CIPS position received support from the participants, but more importantly from Daniel Therrien, the Federal Privacy Commissioner.

b.     The second issue was whether Corporations should be allowed to self-regulate and how would penalties be applied, given that very few organizations have been charged so far.  This issue identified that the Federal Privacy Commissioner did not have sufficient powers.    Corporations felt that self-regulation was sufficient and the Federal Privacy Commissioner did not need any more powers.  CIPS argued that self-regulation does not work and cited many examples.  I personally provided the actual challenges I had encountered during the PCI-DSS role out at Visa and provided examples which the Commissioner found very interesting. Read More →