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Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS) is looking for dynamic mentors to provide guidance, support and encouragement to fellow members in their pursue of professional goals. These relationship(s) are intended to benefit both parties in the relationship (albeit at different times) for professional growth, career development, goal achievement, and other applicable areas jointly defined by the mentor and mentee.

Role and Responsibilities

  • follows the policies and procedures established for managing mentoring relationships;
  • performs necessary steps to ensure fit and compatibility;
  • helps mentee(s) define clear and achievable goals and objectives;
  • guides mentee(s) in creating plans to achieve those goals and objectives;
  • encourages mentee(s) to perform the tasks identified in the plan, to anticipate risk and to resolve issues;
  • provides professional guidance and support, constructive feedback, sharing of wisdom and experience, as well as coaching of personal skills;
  • keeps a log of the mentoring relationship(s) and provides status reports to the Mentoring Coordinator;
  • aligns with the vision, values and Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct;
  • manages information obtained during relationship in accordance with privacy and confidentiality legislation, policies and procedures;

Qualification / Skills

  • CIPS member in good standing;
  • ITCP / I.S.P. designation, preferred;
  • Past mentoring experience, an asset;
  • Understands mentoring, coaching and sponsoring. Can articulate differences;
  • Understands of Skill Framework for the Information Age, with demonstrated experience in one of them at level 5 or above;
  • Knowledge of mentoring techniques and protocol;
  • Displays ability to adjust mentoring, based on observations;

Commitment Expectations

  • Attends scheduled training / orientation session(s);
  • Schedules and holds in-person meetings and/or remote sessions with mentee(s);
  • Attends monitoring sessions as scheduled by mentor coordinator;
  • Creates, submits and discusses relationship status reports with mentor coordinator;
  • Participates in monthly peer mentor meetings.

About CIPS

Since 1958, Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS) has been advancing the Information Technology Profession, by establishing and leveraging long-lasting partnerships with computer societies from around the world, as well as reputable organizations that include IFIP (International Federations for Information Processing) and UN (United Nations). Those partnerships have been instrumental in the creation of a commonly agreed definition for the Information Technology Profession, based on a body of knowledge and a hierarchy of skills and levels of experience. Ever since, CIPS is recognized in Canada, and the world, as a key agent of progress.

CIPS is a non-profit association that offers several services, including, among others:

  • Issues the only designation authorized by the Canadian Government for the recognition of credentials, skills and experience of practitioners to be considered IT professionals.
  • Accredits Business Technology Management, Management of Information Systems, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Applied Degree and Computer Technology programs at universities and colleges, to ensure the next generation of professionals develop the skills expected in the global economy.
  • Encourages the sharing of knowledge and best practices.
  • Fosters networking opportunities among its members.
  • Establishes programmes to advance the profession.

With a membership spanning all provinces and industries across Canada, from bright students to well established CEOs, every level of knowledge, responsibility and experience are represented. CIPS is also well positioned to leverage its global partnerships with other computer societies. One of the beliefs of the association, is that by fostering dialog, sharing and collaboration, it sets the stage for members to obtain support and advice when needed, ultimately allowing its members to realize opportunities that will lead to success.

An integral part of the Information Technology Profession is the commitment to professional conduct. All CIPS’ members abide by a Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct that establishes principles intended to ensure integrity in all the actions and decisions of its members, ultimately safeguarding the public interest.

To apply, send an eMail to, stating your interest to become a mentor.

To apply for this job email your details to

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